Reporting Issues

Thank you for helping to improve Cordova! Issues for Apache Cordova are hosted at the Apache JIRA. A JIRA account is required before you can submit issues (you can easily create one here). Before submitting an issue, please take a moment to search JIRA to see if an issue already exists. If it does, please consider commenting or voting for the issue to help raise its visibility.

Creating an issue in JIRA

Once you have created an account and logged in, click the blue "Create" button at the top of the Cordova JIRA page to create an issue. In the dialog that appears, please fill out the following fields to the best of your ability. All fields besides those listed here can be left blank.

Field Description
Project Make sure that Apache Cordova is selected
Issue Type Whether or not this is a bug or feature request
Summary A one line description of the issue
Component The part of Cordova this issue pertains to. Please select only one component if possible (e.g. if you find a bug while using cordova-plugin-camera in Android, select the "Plugin Camera" component and not "Android")
Affects Version The version of the component that this issue pertains to
Environment Some extra context about the environment in which a bug was found (e.g. the version of Android you are running, your version of the Cordova CLI, your development platform, etc.)
Description A thorough description of the issue. For bugs, please provide code (using github) or steps for reproduction as well as any device logs or stack traces you might have.
Labels Please label your issue with the platforms it affects (e.g. ios, windows, android, etc.) and nothing else
Priority The impact of the issue (see below)

Issue Priority

We gauge issue priority on the following scale:

If you aren't sure about the priority, leave the default (major) selected. Please be aware that as our contributors triage issues, they may change the priority based on our criteria.

Finding out versions

You can quickly find out versions of platforms/plugins you're using by running:

cordova platform ls


cordova plugin ls

in your project respectively. You can find out the version of the Cordova CLI you're using by running:

cordova --version

Generating CLI logs

You can use --verbose flag to generate detailed logs for cordova build-time bugs related with the CLI. This helps significantly in debugging.